Our Happy Place

Below are the services we offer

The facility has separate play areas for big and small dogs. In these areas, the dogs have the opportunity to mingle in our indoor 13,000 sq/ft climate controlled playrooms with agility courses or enjoy our outdoor playgrounds.


Our agility course is where the fun begins, but with dozens of toys, games, puzzles and new dog friends to play with, the possibilities are endless.

Your pup will enjoy a full day of playing in groups inside and out, with other furry friends. Doing fun activities. Plenty of belly rubs, cuddles and naps. Lets not forget all the great holistic treats!


We serve breakfast & dinner (Picky eater? We will prepare the food anyway your pup likes it. Lunch served upon request.)

Each dog has their own room with a bed and water. Feel free to bring your pups own bed or toys.


A Happy team pet member is here over night. We spend time snuggling and petting each dog before bedtime.

Your pups will have an endless supply of toys and puzzles to keep them active.

Cuddles, hugs and kisses are always free! (Can you believe some places charge for love?)

Professional training for any dogs is available. Call to find out the schedule.

Our sister company, Happy Pet Parlor, located just down the street is an award winning grooming salon. Check them out here at Happy Pet Parlor.com