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Happy Pet Place!

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About Us

Happy Pet Place is owned and operated by dog obsessed people.
Our mission is to run a fun, safe place for dogs to play and stay!
Your dog will enjoy days full of socialization, play, naps, snacks, love and fun. There is also a human here at night for sleepover.
Our positive promise ensures that every dog here is treated kindly. All of our training and every interaction involves positive reinforcement methods only.
You will get an adorable picture report card with each visit!

Family run business - 20 years experience of all things dog!


We carefully choose the most dog loving humans to be team members at Happy Pet Place. 
Everyone here goes through pet safety, CPR, dog body language and safe handling certification courses. Our team members complete the pet safety pledge and continuing education for safe off leash play provided by The Dog Gurus.
Our positive only approach ensures your dog will always be treated kindly. We will never use fear based training or handling with any dog in our care.


We also own and operate an award winning grooming salon 1 mile down the street. You can learn more at happypetparlor.com